How do I book a shoot?

Bookings can be made by email enquiry or phone, however all shoots will require verbal confirmation and a written brief before they can be confirmed.

What will it cost?

Every shoot is different and the cost for every shoot is different. The number of hours preparation, reconnaisance of the site prior to the shoot, the amount of equipment that needs to be provided, the location fees, hair/make-up, travel, post production, talent and venue coordination and image licensing all need to be considered.

Some shoots have very few requirements and some have many.

How does the process work?

Most people have a rough idea of what they want as a finished product but not everyone understands what is required to produce that image (see 'how much does it cost?' above).

We can help you to produce great images for whatever budget you have in mind, but you need to be aware that great images take time to plan and produce.

What we will do is advise of what is realistically achievable with your budget and how you can get the maxmimum benefit from the shoot.

Who owns the copyright on the images?

Copyright is a complicated area but in it's simplest form, the copyright always stays with the creator of the work.

Copyright for the work may be purchased or alternatively, images can be licensed for a period of use.

Images usually come with a minimum of 1 years usage rights within a nominated territory.